Shows the thoughts and messy life of someone that finished college and can't find a job

One of the best articles I’ve read in awhile about post grad life

Thought Catalog

Your college years are a self-affirming stretch of time in which no life choice is ever really wrong. In spite of all its mayhem, an overarching sense of purpose validates this time of your life – even if you flunked your postcolonial film censorship class or had beer bongs before your chemistry exam that time, chances are you’ll graduate with a very meaningful piece of paper.

Once these meandering, golden years come to an end, the great abyss that is Real Life ensues. Suddenly, there is no timetable, no course adviser and no mandatory subjects. Just a vast expanse of free days with too much time to think about how overeducated and underexperienced you are.

Your days are spent at home pimping your LinkedIn, waiting for callbacks and wondering why Mr. Whoever from Blah & Blah didn’t recognise your unbridled potential and hire you immediately. It feels like you’re in…

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