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When did marketing and sales become the same thing?

Definition of Marketing from the American Marketing Association:

Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

Definition of Sales from Jobs2U:

“Sales can be defined as ‘the holistic business system required to effectively develop, manage, enable, and execute a mutually beneficial, interpersonal exchange of goods and/or services for equitable value”

I have a degree in Broadcasting, and as much as I loved radio in college, I really loved the events I worked more. After working numerous events for Millersville, I realized that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t just want to work them, I wanted to plan them. I wanted to execute and map out every single detail and make sure the event was a complete success.

I thought figuring out what I wanted to do with my life was the hardest part; that’s what everyone told me. I wish that advice was the truth. Finding an event/promotions position that isn’t direct sales seems to be impossible. The Internet has been helpful with all of the job sites that exist, but most of the jobs posted are misleading. A handful of jobs that I’ve applied for were sales jobs. This wouldn’t have been so frustrating if that’s what the job listings implied. Most of the “positions” that are posted don’t even exist. I’ve talked to other people that have been looking for marketing positions and they are struggling with the same thing. How do we fix this?

Spread the word. Tell people that are looking for marketing positions what phrases to avoid when looking for a job. If the description of the job discretely mentions the word sales, chances are it isn’t an actual marketing position.

The struggles of finding a job, in any field, are real. Yes, the unemployment rate has gone down, but that’s because all of these misleading jobs exist. It’s also good to note how many people work 40 hours a week but don’t have benefits because a company can get around calling them a full-time employee.

Finding a full-time job shouldn’t be easy. When people apply for positions they should really be able to sell themselves. However, that doesn’t mean it should be this impossible to find more than a few real marketing positions to even apply for.


11 Ways To Avoid Post College Depression

One of the best articles I’ve read in awhile about post grad life

Thought Catalog

Your college years are a self-affirming stretch of time in which no life choice is ever really wrong. In spite of all its mayhem, an overarching sense of purpose validates this time of your life – even if you flunked your postcolonial film censorship class or had beer bongs before your chemistry exam that time, chances are you’ll graduate with a very meaningful piece of paper.

Once these meandering, golden years come to an end, the great abyss that is Real Life ensues. Suddenly, there is no timetable, no course adviser and no mandatory subjects. Just a vast expanse of free days with too much time to think about how overeducated and underexperienced you are.

Your days are spent at home pimping your LinkedIn, waiting for callbacks and wondering why Mr. Whoever from Blah & Blah didn’t recognise your unbridled potential and hire you immediately. It feels like you’re in…

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I did It…and I’m still as confused as ever!

It’s been 11 months since I’ve graduated, and like when I started this blog, my life is still a chaotic mess. I do not have a full time job, and the real world has hit me with reality extremely hard in the past few months. 

I get more and more frustrated every day.

I apply to jobs every week, and I write cover letters for almost all of them trying to explain why I’m perfect for that job at that specific company. Now that I have a degree you would think it gets easier to find a job, but that is certainly not the case. 

I have exactly three weeks until I have millions of more graduates applying to these same jobs, like there wasn’t enough pressure as it is.

I would gladly take an internship within driving distance, since apparently I don’t have enough experience for any entry level job that I apply to. But no internship pays enough money for me to pay off my thousands of dollars in loans for the degree I’m not even using. Most internships don’t even pay anything. I’m stuck working 40 hours a week as a host at a restaurant. This is some great post-grad life, let me tell you.  

The worst part is, I’m one of millions of graduates that are in this position. if anyone reading this is in that position, how do you cope with the frustration? Because I’m struggling. 

Pulling my hair out

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. My Station Manager duties have taken over my semester, along with the overwhelming amount of preparation needed for graduation. I have 15 hours a week dedicated to my internship, plus 10 for Station Manager hours, plus classes and schoolwork. Oh, and some time to breathe.

I love what I do, but sometimes it’s good to write and get away.

I’m looking for jobs, and I think that’s even more stressful than everything I’ve ever done in college put together. I don’t mind what state I work in or if it’s near family, but I’ve ran into this realization that I can’t afford to live anywhere but home.

 I always thought the college years were the ones you needed to push through to get where you wanted to be. Every day is a learning experience, and recently I’ve learned that I was very wrong. The two years following college are the ones that really matter. I need to establish a career for myself.

I’m nervous, but excited for the challenge and where my search will take me. Although I may be ready, I’m still ready to pull my hair out.



New Solution to Conquering Finals Week

I have never liked coffee. Actually, I should be more specific. I refused to try coffee for about 7 years (I’m very stubborn).
All of my friends insisted it would make my late nights easier (radio show until 1 or 3 am, papers, projects), but I kept saying no. Until last week i have stuck to what I kept telling everyone else: I hate coffee.

Finals have been one tough day followed by another. It seems like it will never end. I had a 22 page paper that I needed to do. I completely underestimated how long it would take and I was exhausted.

So I gave in. I tried coffee for the first time.

Don’t get too excited, it wasn’t normal coffee. It was a Milky Way Latte. So basically half chocolate, half coffee.

I really hate to admit it, but I think I’ve found a new obsession. And a new way to keep me up for the remainder of my long week.


“Don’t aim for …

“Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”
-David Frost

When reading this blog you can clearly tell I am freaking out about my future. I’m always worried about being successful after I graduate. Recently, I have realized that if I’m happy doing something it makes life a lot easier. 

This quote helps me realize I don’t need to be so scared of the future. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing. 

Working Hard

Most people in college complain about their jobs because they don’t have time to work. They need to do schoolwork and that’s overwhelming enough. No one needs an extra 15 hours of their time taken up for a job, except me.

I used to have three on-campus jobs. When I realized how insane that was, I stuck with the two that were less stressful: the ticket window and event staff. I have the same boss for both jobs, one is on the weekends, and the hours are pretty flexible. All of those benefits aren’t the reason why I feel like I need these jobs.

I have made some really good friends from working these jobs, and I have also learned so much. When starting at the ticket window, I never thought it would help me with my major. I couldn’t have been more wrong. 

I communicate with people daily, both on the phone and in person. I have had to learn how to properly address customers’ problems and how to fix problems in less than a minute. It may not seem like a fun job, but I actually enjoy going to work. The people and the environment make me feel so comfortable.

When you start working ten hour days at three different events, your coworkers get to know you pretty well. Another plus, I have seen some really cool speakers and events while getting paid.

My mom says I work too much, but honestly in this chaotic semester I like work more than class. 

My hard work is paying off, and I couldn’t be any happier about it. I have an internship through my boss for the spring semester. I’ll be doing web communications, graphics, and I’ll also help manage events. 

My jobs have shown me that classes aren’t the only thing you learn from while in college.