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Friends Through it All

Friends Through it All

You always meet people that will walk in and out of your life. There are few that will stay. When you’ve been friends with someone for over 10 years, you realize they are one of those rare people.

I’ve known Mark since the third grade, and we’ve been through it all together. Nerdy phases, break-ups, make-ups, hellos, goodbyes, etc.

He goes to school nine hours away in South Carolina, but when I need him he’s always just a phone call away.

Another thing that makes him one of my favorite people to talk to is the fact that we don’t text 24/7 or even every day. We call each other. I hate texting and so does he. We catch up when its been too long, call when we need advice, and see each other when we can.

It also took me 6 years to get my license, and he drove out of his way every time we hung out to come pick me up. He never complained about it once. That’s a true friend!