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Sharing The Love

I am currently the Station Manager (President) of Millersville’s student run campus radio station. I have been a part of WIXQ for over three years and I have enjoyed every second of it.

Music is something I have always enjoyed and it has never let me down. It’s the first thing I became a part of in the broadcast department, and I’ll be a part of it until the minute I graduate. WIXQ is a free-format station which means all DJs can play whatever they want!

Music is my one constant escape from the craziness of my senior year. To be fair, being Station Manager adds stress, but it is completely worth it. I love so much about college radio.

Along with being able to play the music I love, I get to share it with listeners and other fellow college students. I play all requests which gives them what they want too. Not only do I love WIXQ because I get to play and listen to a ton of music, but also because of the friends that I have made.

Some friends have become like family. I eat lunch with them almost every day of the week and they hear me complain about everything. Although they probably get annoyed with me all the time, they are always there for me. 

No matter how old you are, or what you are doing in life, you should be a part of something like WIXQ; where you feel so comfortable and it feels like your home away from home.