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Pulling my hair out

It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged. My Station Manager duties have taken over my semester, along with the overwhelming amount of preparation needed for graduation. I have 15 hours a week dedicated to my internship, plus 10 for Station Manager hours, plus classes and schoolwork. Oh, and some time to breathe.

I love what I do, but sometimes it’s good to write and get away.

I’m looking for jobs, and I think that’s even more stressful than everything I’ve ever done in college put together. I don’t mind what state I work in or if it’s near family, but I’ve ran into this realization that I can’t afford to live anywhere but home.

 I always thought the college years were the ones you needed to push through to get where you wanted to be. Every day is a learning experience, and recently I’ve learned that I was very wrong. The two years following college are the ones that really matter. I need to establish a career for myself.

I’m nervous, but excited for the challenge and where my search will take me. Although I may be ready, I’m still ready to pull my hair out.